Rationality Is Not Systematized Winning

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“Ra­tion­al­ity is sys­tem­atized win­ning” is a slo­gan that was adopted to patch a bug in hu­man cog­ni­tion. Namely our end­less ca­pac­ity to de­lude our­selves about how we did in an at­tempt to save face. The con­cept seems to have been ab­sorbed, but I’m skep­ti­cal it’s trans­lated into more effec­tive ac­tion. Cer­tainly it pro­duced many es­says on why win­ning isn’t hap­pen­ing. But the fact that we’ve been pub­lish­ing es­sen­tially the same es­say for a decade now im­plies some­thing fairly fun­da­men­tal is wrong. This slo­gan was cho­sen be­cause it patches the bug, but I fear at the cost of neu­ter­ing our abil­ity to fo­cus.

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