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Subjective conscious experience. The discussion of qualia tends to come up on LessWrong in two contexts: as an argument against reductionism (with a claim that qualia cannot be a mere matter of, uh, matter), and as a key factor in how seriously we should weight the suffering of animals.

There are several philosophical discussions of how to reduce qualia into functions of the brain (most famously by Daniel Dennett), but the discussion continues among philosophers.

Con­scious Pro­pri­o­cep­tion.

leggi4 Oct 2019 4:33 UTC
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See­ing Red: Dis­solv­ing Mary’s Room and Qualia

orthonormal26 May 2011 17:47 UTC
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Be­fore Colour TV, Peo­ple Dreamed in Black and White

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A Study of Scar­let: The Con­scious Men­tal Graph

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Na­ture: Red, in Truth and Qualia

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mAIry’s room: AI rea­son­ing to solve philo­soph­i­cal problems

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A Soft­ware Agent Illus­trat­ing Some Fea­tures of an Illu­sion­ist Ac­count of Consciousness

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Who lacks the qualia of con­scious­ness?

Richard_Kennaway5 Oct 2019 19:49 UTC
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The raw-ex­pe­rience dogma: Dis­solv­ing the “qualia” problem

metaphysicist16 Sep 2012 19:15 UTC
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ESR’s New Take on Qualia

billswift21 Aug 2009 9:26 UTC
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Ar­gu­ments for the ex­is­tence of qualia

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Book Re­view: Con­scious­ness Explained

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Grokking illusionism

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Plea­sure and Pain are Long-Tailed

lsusr9 Sep 2021 5:10 UTC
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We need a the­ory of an­thropic mea­sure binding

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Book re­view: Re­think­ing Consciousness

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Alicorn2 Aug 2009 19:12 UTC
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Hell Must Be Destroyed

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It’s not like any­thing to be a bat

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Physi­cist’s dissociation

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Qualia Re­search In­sti­tute: His­tory & 2021 Strategy

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Mary and the Black And White Me­mory Implant

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Is This Thing Sen­tient, Y/​N?

Thane Ruthenis20 Jun 2022 18:37 UTC
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