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Qualia are aspects of subjective conscious experience. The discussion of qualia tends to come up on LessWrong in two contexts: as an argument against reductionism (with a claim that qualia cannot be a mere matter of, uh, matter), and as a key factor in how seriously we should weight the suffering of animals. There is also a third context for Qualia arguments: as an argument against Whole Brain Emulation being you, or of emulations of minds not being conscious and instead P-zonbies.

There are several philosophical discussions of how to reduce qualia into functions of the brain (most famously by Daniel Dennett), but the discussion continues among philosophers.

We need a the­ory of an­thropic mea­sure binding

mako yass30 Dec 2021 7:22 UTC
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Con­scious Pro­pri­o­cep­tion.

leggi4 Oct 2019 4:33 UTC
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Be­fore Colour TV, Peo­ple Dreamed in Black and White

Sam Enright1 Feb 2022 12:50 UTC
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See­ing Red: Dis­solv­ing Mary’s Room and Qualia

orthonormal26 May 2011 17:47 UTC
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A Soft­ware Agent Illus­trat­ing Some Fea­tures of an Illu­sion­ist Ac­count of Consciousness

ESRogs17 Oct 2017 7:42 UTC
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[Question] What Are Your Prefer­ences Re­gard­ing The FLI Let­ter?

JenniferRM1 Apr 2023 4:52 UTC
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Grokking illusionism

Joe Carlsmith6 Jan 2021 5:50 UTC
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A Study of Scar­let: The Con­scious Men­tal Graph

orthonormal27 May 2011 20:13 UTC
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Na­ture: Red, in Truth and Qualia

orthonormal29 May 2011 23:50 UTC
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mAIry’s room: AI rea­son­ing to solve philo­soph­i­cal problems

Stuart_Armstrong5 Mar 2019 20:24 UTC
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Who lacks the qualia of con­scious­ness?

Richard_Kennaway5 Oct 2019 19:49 UTC
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The raw-ex­pe­rience dogma: Dis­solv­ing the “qualia” problem

metaphysicist16 Sep 2012 19:15 UTC
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ESR’s New Take on Qualia

billswift21 Aug 2009 9:26 UTC
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Ar­gu­ments for the ex­is­tence of qualia

Chris_Leong28 Jul 2019 10:52 UTC
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Book Re­view: Con­scious­ness Explained

Charlie Steiner6 Mar 2018 3:32 UTC
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Why it’s so hard to talk about Consciousness

Rafael Harth2 Jul 2023 15:56 UTC
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Book Re­view: Con­scious­ness Ex­plained (as the Great Cat­a­lyst)

Rafael Harth17 Sep 2023 15:30 UTC
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Plea­sure and Pain are Long-Tailed

lsusr9 Sep 2021 5:10 UTC
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Beyond Hyperanthropomorphism

PointlessOne21 Aug 2022 17:55 UTC
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You Are a Com­puter, and No, That’s Not a Metaphor

jakej11 Jun 2023 5:38 UTC
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Aura as a pro­pri­o­cep­tive glitch

pchvykov12 Jun 2023 19:30 UTC
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Hav­ing a headache and not hav­ing a headache

Jim Pivarski20 Jun 2023 14:59 UTC
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The Case Against Digi­tal Sen­tience: A Summary

lucas1124 Aug 2022 17:59 UTC
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Does biol­ogy mat­ter to con­scious­ness?

Reed6 Jul 2023 17:38 UTC
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The in­tel­li­gence-sen­tience or­thog­o­nal­ity thesis

Ben Smith13 Jul 2023 6:55 UTC
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AI, Con­scious­ness, and the prob­lem of Mo­ral Considerability

stultus16 Jul 2023 19:56 UTC
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It’s not like any­thing to be a bat

Scott Alexander27 Mar 2010 14:32 UTC
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In­for­mal se­man­tics and Orders

Q Home27 Aug 2022 4:17 UTC
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Physi­cist’s dissociation

Mateusz Mazurkiewicz12 Jan 2021 4:40 UTC
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Qualia Re­search In­sti­tute: His­tory & 2021 Strategy

andzuck25 Jan 2021 21:46 UTC
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Mary and the Black And White Me­mory Implant

sxae23 Mar 2021 16:48 UTC
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Prob­a­bil­is­tic rea­son­ing for de­scrip­tion and experience

Q Home27 Sep 2022 10:57 UTC
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3 en­tirely differ­ent things we call “Time”

Vasyl Dotsenko9 Apr 2023 20:08 UTC
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The im­por­tance of study­ing sub­jec­tive experience

Q Home21 Oct 2022 8:43 UTC
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Mind is uncountable

Filip Sondej2 Nov 2022 11:51 UTC
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[Question] Quan­tized vs. con­tin­u­ous na­ture of qualia

notfnofn15 May 2024 12:52 UTC
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Maybe you can learn ex­otic ex­pe­riences via an­a­lyt­i­cal thought

Q Home20 Jan 2023 1:50 UTC
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About Q Home

Q Home28 Sep 2022 4:56 UTC
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Is This Thing Sen­tient, Y/​N?

Thane Ruthenis20 Jun 2022 18:37 UTC
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Re­la­tion­ship be­tween sub­jec­tive ex­pe­rience and in­tel­li­gence?

Q Home24 Jul 2022 9:10 UTC
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Mor­pholog­i­cal in­tel­li­gence, su­per­hu­man em­pa­thy, and eth­i­cal arbitration

Roman Leventov13 Feb 2023 10:25 UTC
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Book re­view: Re­think­ing Consciousness

Steven Byrnes10 Jan 2020 20:41 UTC
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Un­der­stand­ing why illu­sion­ism does not deny the ex­is­tence of qualia

Mergimio H. Doefevmil4 May 2023 2:13 UTC
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Is “red” for GPT-4 the same as “red” for you?

Yusuke Hayashi6 May 2023 17:55 UTC
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Alicorn2 Aug 2009 19:12 UTC
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Hell Must Be Destroyed

algekalipso6 Dec 2018 4:11 UTC
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