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(I didn’t know how to name the post.)

I have an internet friend in Ukraine. My love is in Belarus, we can’t meet anymore. I have a non-binary friend in Russia who can be mobilized. I’m a young male in Russia. Maybe I have more time than some others before getting caught, but I don’t know.

I’m writing this post because I want to save one idea. I would like to discuss it while I have the time.

My main idea: Method of statements: an alternative to taboo, Motivated Cognition and the Multiverse of Truth.

Just in case, I’m also leaving here my Alignment argument: “Should AI learn values, norms or something else?”. But this is a special case of my main idea.

Please, consider the implications of this one single concept. Help me to explain the concept to you and other people. If the opportunity cost is not too high for you.

I don’t care what happens to me, but I care if this idea will be forgotten and won’t affect the world in a positive way.


Since 24.02 I desperately tried to share my ideas on Reddit (and later here) while simultaneously trying to advance them in case my posts won’t be successful. Sometimes I wrote “filler” posts on Reddit just in case (to avoid any accidental problem with site’s rules about spam). Or here on LessWrong if I felt that filler posts indirectly help me to think about my main idea. Or take a load off my mind. Some posts did get popular on Reddit (about chess, about fictional characters).

I can’t imagine what other people feel. I have a goal and it fills my mind and lets me remember the good things. I can’t imagine how others live.

Edited, shortened this post.