‘oy, girls on lw, want to get together some time?’

2:45:24 PM Katja Grace: The main thing that puts me off in online dating profiles is lack of ambition to save the world
2:45:35 PM Katja Grace: Or do anything much
2:48:03 PM Michael Blume: *nods*
2:48:07 PM Michael Blume: this is indeed a problem
2:57:55 PM Katja Grace: Maybe there is a dating site for smart ambitious nerds somewhere
2:58:25 PM Katja Grace: Need to set up lw extension perhaps
2:59:02 PM Michael Blume: haha, yes ^^
3:00:40 PM Katja Grace: Plenty of discussion on why few girls, how to get girls, nobody ever says ‘oy, girls on lw, want to get together some time?‘
3:01:14 PM Michael Blume: somebody really should say that
3:01:34 PM Michael Blume: hell, I’m tempted to just copy that IM into a top-level post and click ’submit′
3:01:48 PM Katja Grace: Haha dare you to