[Question] Do you vote based on what you think total karma should be?

I re­cently strong-down­voted a post that I would have weak-up­voted if it had been at a lower karma. In gen­eral, I usu­ally vote pri­mar­ily based on what I think the to­tal karma should be. I’m cu­ri­ous whether other peo­ple do similar things.

This is both a ques­tion and a poll. The poll is in the com­ments; it works via up­votes but there is a karma bal­ance com­ment. (Note that one can re­cover the non-weighted re­sults (i.e., num­ber of votes) by hov­er­ing one’s mouse over the cur­rent score.) This is about votes on LessWrong only.

I’m also won­der­ing whether this be­hav­ior is, in some sense, anti-vir­tu­ous. If ev­ery­one votes based on what they think the to­tal karma should be, then a post’s karma re­flects [a weighted av­er­age of opinions on what the post’s to­tal karma should be] rather than [a weighted av­er­age of opinions on the post]. This feels worse, though I’m not en­tirely sure that it is.

Cor­rec­tion: as jimmy points out, vot­ing in­de­pen­dently of cur­rent karma does not give you a weighted av­er­age of opinions on the post be­cause there are only a limited num­ber of ways you can vote.

Meta: There’s been some spec­u­la­tion about this (maybe read af­ter vot­ing), but noth­ing con­clu­sive.

Cur­rent non-weighted re­sults (08/​28 07:05 EDT) (TK is ‘tar­get karma’.)