[Question] How could “Kickstarter for Inadequate Equilibria” be used for evil or turn out to be net-negative?

Fol­low­ing up to “If a “Kick­starter for Inad­e­quate Equlibria” was built, do you have a con­crete in­ad­e­quate equil­ibrium to fix?

I think a kick­starter for co­or­di­nated ac­tion would be net pos­i­tive, but it’s the sort of gen­eral pur­pose pow­er­ful tool that might turn out bad in ways I can’t eas­ily pre­dict. It might give too much power to mobs of peo­ple who don’t know what they’re do­ing, or have weird/​bad goals.

How bad might it be if mi­sused? What equil­ibrias might be we end up in in the world where ev­ery­one freely has ac­cess to such a tool?