[Question] If a “Kickstarter for Inadequate Equlibria” was built, do you have a concrete inadequate equilibrium to fix?

Yoav Ravid asks: “Is there an as­surance-con­tract web­site in work?”

i.e. a site where, if there’s a lo­cally bad equil­ibrium that would be bet­ter if ev­ery­one changed strate­gies at once, but which re­quires a crit­i­cal mass of peo­ple in or­der to be worth­while, you can all say “I’ll put the effort if other peo­ple put in the effort”, and then if X peo­ple agree, you all go into work the next day and de­mand a policy change, or a go to a poli­ti­cal rally, or change a so­cial norm, or what­ever.

Some at­tempts have been made at such a sys­tem. It’s not that tech­ni­cally hard to build. But I think it’d need a cou­ple ma­jor “flag­ship” Co­or­di­nated Ac­tions in or­der to rally peo­ple’s at­ten­tion and turn it into a more fre­quently used tool.

So, if a good web­site ex­isted to co­or­di­nate ac­tion, do you have a well op­er­a­tional­ized ac­tion you’d want to co­or­di­nate? (“Every­one leaves Face­book at once” doesn’t work IMO, be­cause it doesn’t say where peo­ple are mov­ing to, or oth­er­wise re­plac­ing FB’s tools with.

“Every­one on one plat­form switches to an­other plat­form” seems vi­able.

“Every­one at my office signs a let­ter de­mand­ing change for a par­tic­u­lar policy” seems vi­able (al­though in cases like this, where you maybe don’t want your boss to know you’re plan­ning a rev­olu­tion, and I’m not sure how to best achieve com­mon knowl­edge with­out risk)

(For fur­ther read­ing, see “The Costly Co­or­di­na­tion Mechanism of Com­mon Knowl­edge” and “Inad­e­quate Equil­ibria”)