[Poll] Less Wrong and Mainstream Philosophy: How Different are We?

De­spite be­ing (IMO) a philos­o­phy blog, many Less Wrongers tend to dis­par­age main­stream philos­o­phy and em­pha­size the di­ver­gence be­tween our be­liefs and theirs. But, how differ­ent are we re­ally? My in­ten­tion with this post is to quan­tify this differ­ence.

The ques­tions I will post as com­ments to this ar­ti­cle are from the 2009 PhilPapers Sur­vey. If you an­swer “other” on any of the ques­tions, then please re­ply to that com­ment in or­der to elab­o­rate your an­swer. Later, I’ll post an­other ar­ti­cle com­par­ing the an­swers I ob­tain from Less Wrongers with those given by the pro­fes­sional philoso­phers. This should give us some in­di­ca­tion about the differ­ences in be­lief be­tween Less Wrong and main­stream philos­o­phy.


an­a­lytic-syn­thetic dis­tinc­tion, A-the­ory and B-the­ory, athe­ism, com­pat­i­bil­ism, con­se­quen­tial­ism, con­tex­tu­al­ism, cor­re­spon­dence the­ory of truth, de­on­tol­ogy, egal­i­tar­i­anism, em­piri­cism, Humeanism, liber­tar­i­anism, men­tal con­tent ex­ter­nal­ism, moral re­al­ism, moral mo­ti­va­tion in­ter­nal­ism and ex­ter­nal­ism, nat­u­ral­ism, nom­i­nal­ism, New­comb’s prob­lem, phys­i­cal­ism, Pla­ton­ism, ra­tio­nal­ism, rel­a­tivism, sci­en­tific re­al­ism, trol­ley prob­lem, the­ism, virtue ethics


Thanks prag­ma­tist, for at­tach­ing short (mostly ac­cu­rate) de­scrip­tions of the philo­soph­i­cal po­si­tions un­der the poll com­ments.