Less Wrong Polls in Comments

You can now write Less Wrong com­ments that con­tain polls! John Si­mon picked up and finished some code I had writ­ten back in 2010 but never finished, and our ad­mins Wesley Moore and Matt Fal­lshaw have de­ployed it. You can use it right now, so let’s give it some test­ing here in this thread.

The polls work through the ex­ist­ing Mark­down com­ment for­mat­ting, similar to the syn­tax used for links. Full doc­u­men­ta­tion is in the wiki; the short ver­sion is that you can write com­ments like this:

What is your fa­vorite color? [poll]{Red}{Green}{Blue}{Other}

How long has it been your fa­vorite color, in years? [poll:num­ber]

Red is a nice color [poll:Agree....Disagree]

Will your fa­vorite color change? [poll:prob­a­bil­ity]

To see the re­sults of the poll, you have to vote (you can leave ques­tions blank if you want). The re­sults in­clude a link to the raw poll data, in­clud­ing the user­names of peo­ple who sub­mit­ted votes with the “Vote anony­mously” box unchecked. After you sub­mit the com­ment, if you go back and edit your com­ment all those poll tags will have turned into [pol­lid:123]. You can edit the rest of the com­ment with­out re­set­ting the poll, but you can’t change the op­tions.

It works right now, but it’s also new and could be buggy. Let’s give it some test­ing; what have you always wanted to know about Less Wrongers?