[Question] How can the world handle the HAMAS situation?

We are a few hours away from a likely ground incursion /​ invasion of Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) into Northern Gaza. For the past week I’ve been trying to figure out a more reasonable way that the world can deal with Hamas, as an alternative to what the Israeli government is considering doing. I am having trouble coming up with a rational option aside from status quo (leave the group as is) or Israel’s option (eliminate no matter the cost).

What other option exists to deal with a group with the following fact sheet (and please correct anything that is factually wrong in the statements below):

Hamas was elected democratically in 2006 and stayed in power since then.

The leaders of Hamas and their families live in relative luxury while the average Gazan lives near the poverty line.

They promote radicalized education in Gaza, half of which are under the age of 19.

They use humanitarian aid for war (for example, digging up water pipes and turning them into missiles).

They strategically place their military operations near school, hospitals, residences, and commercial areas.

They convince Gazans to stay in urban areas and not to head to places IDF is advising them to go to in order not to get bombed.

They recruit minors to their cause and send them in paragliders to murder people (and be murdered by IDF)

They have the sympathy of many, EVEN IN ISRAEL, because of the civilian death toll every time there is an IDF operation.

I really don’t know what can be done that is better than either option presented above.