Rationality Quotes: July 2010

This is our monthly thread for col­lect­ing these lit­tle gems and pearls of wis­dom, ra­tio­nal­ity-re­lated quotes you’ve seen re­cently, or had stored in your quotes­file for ages, and which might be handy to link to in one of our dis­cus­sions.

  • Please post all quotes sep­a­rately, so that they can be voted up/​down sep­a­rately. (If they are strongly re­lated, re­ply to your own com­ments. If strongly or­dered, then go ahead and post them to­gether.)

  • Do not quote your­self.

  • Do not quote com­ments/​posts on LW/​OB.

  • No more than 5 quotes per per­son per monthly thread, please.