[Question] Applications of Economic Models to Physiology?

Applying economic models to physiology seems really obvious. For instance:

  • Surely the body uses price signals to match production to consumption of various metabolites. Insulin as a price signal for glucose is one example.

  • Presumably such price signals coordinate between spatially-separated organs with specialized roles in various physiological “supply chains”. That should lead to general equilibrium models, and questions of convexity and stability.

  • Can we back out an implied discount rate for the body’s long-term energy stores?

Yet when I run a google search for the obvious phrase “econophysiology”, I get back five results, most of which appear to be misspellings. (I feel like I ought to write something right now just to call dibs on the name.)

Does anyone know of sources on this sort of thing? Is there a name for it?

No answers.