Public Service Announcement Collection

P/​S/​A: There are sin­gle sen­tences which can cre­ate life-chang­ing amounts of differ­ence.

  • P/​S/​A: If you’re not sure whether or not you’ve ever had an or­gasm, it means you haven’t had one, a con­di­tion known as pri­mary anor­gas­mia which is 90% treat­able by cog­ni­tive-be­hav­ioral ther­apy.

  • P/​S/​A: The peo­ple tel­ling you to ex­pect above-trend in­fla­tion when the Fed­eral Re­serve started print­ing money a few years back, dis­agreed with the mar­ket fore­casts, dis­agreed with stan­dard eco­nomics, turned out to be ac­tu­ally wrong in re­al­ity, and were wrong for rea­son­ably fun­da­men­tal rea­sons so don’t buy gold when they tell you to.

  • P/​S/​A: There are many many more sub­mis­sive/​masochis­tic men in the world than there are dom­i­nant/​sadis­tic women, so if you are a woman who feels a strong temp­ta­tion to com­mand men and in­flict pain on them, and you want a large harem of men serv­ing your ev­ery need, it will suffice to state this fact any­where on the In­ter­net and you will have fifty ap­pli­ca­tions by the next morn­ing.

  • P/​S/​A: Most of the per­sonal-fi­nance-ad­vice in­dus­try is par­a­sitic and/​or self-de­luded, and it’s gen­er­ally agreed on by eco­nomic the­ory and ex­per­i­men­tal mea­sure­ment that an in­dex fund will de­liver the best re­turns you can get with­out huge amounts of effort.

  • P/​S/​A: If you are smart and un­der­em­ployed, you can very quickly check to see if you are a nat­u­ral com­puter pro­gram­mer by pul­ling up a page of Python source code and see­ing whether it looks like it makes nat­u­ral sense, and if this is the case you can teach your­self to pro­gram very quickly and get a much higher-pay­ing job even with­out for­mal cre­den­tials.