Fix My Head

I’ve been col­lect­ing data about my headaches and diet for al­most four months now. I don’t see any pat­terns—an­noy­ingly, I get headaches nearly ev­ery day, so there’s not much in­for­ma­tion—but I thought I’d post the data set and see if any­one sees any­thing. Here it is. Hope­fully some­one finds this an in­ter­est­ing prob­lem.

It’s writ­ten in note-to-self for­mat (ab­bre­vi­a­tions like “strawbs” for “straw­ber­ries”; if I men­tion a com­pli­cated dish once then I’ll shorten it when I eat the lef­tovers, as “pasta” for “pasta with ar­ti­chokes and spinach and pesto”; times given ap­prox­i­mately and not in a con­sis­tent form and of­ten with­out spec­i­fy­ing if they’re a.m. or p.m., though they are in chronolog­i­cal or­der). Quan­tities aren’t given, al­though if they’re sus­pected to be rele­vant I may be able to re­mem­ber spe­cific in­stances (for un­usual foods) or typ­i­cal por­tions (for or­di­nary foods) - other de­tails might also be rec­ol­lectable similarly. I also don’t no­tice when headaches go away, so I don’t know how long they last ex­cept when they last all day or be­come no­tice­ably worse dur­ing their course. My sleep sched­ule varied con­sid­er­ably over this pe­riod, but trends more night owl than early bird (for a while I was out­right noc­tur­nal). I moved three time zones west at the end of July, should that mat­ter at all.

I’m not so­lic­it­ing com­men­tary on my diet ex­cept in­so­far as it can be com­pel­lingly re­lated to my headaches.

ETA: As­sume that ev­ery sin­gle day I’m drink­ing lots of skim milk. (2-6 cups de­pend­ing on how much I eat and how it’s spaced out.) There’s a cou­ple of ex­cep­tions, mostly when I’m in tran­sit for most of a day or run out of milk, but not many and they don’t seem to cor­re­late with headaches.