I’d like advice from LW regarding migraines

So, I read a post a lit­tle while ago say­ing that ask­ing the com­mu­nity for ad­vice on per­sonal prob­lems was okay, and no one seemed to dis­agree strongly with this. There­fore, I’ll just ask for some ad­vice, and hope that I’m not ac­ci­den­tally go­ing past some line. If I do, I apologise

I have had mi­graines for quite a while now. They started when I was a child, but were in­fre­quent in those days. They got pro­gres­sively worse as time went on, and things started to get quite bad when I was about 12. A few years down the line, I would have headaches for months at a time, with mi­graines pop­ping up for a few days a month. It got worse from there. Now, I have had mi­graine-like symp­toms for 10 months now. I say mi­graine-like be­cause part of the defi­ni­tion of a mi­graine is that it lasts from about 3 hours to a few days. Ac­cord­ing to a neu­rol­o­gist I re­cently went to, I have trans­for­ma­tive mi­graines, or word­ing similar to that. So I have all the symp­toms of mi­graines, ex­cept they last for in­or­di­nate amounts of time. I’ve had an MRI, and it showed noth­ing wrong with my brain. Ac­cord­ing to the World Health Or­gani­sa­tion, this is more dis­abling than blind­ness, and as bad as acute psy­chosis: http://​​www.mi­grainetrust.org/​​chronic-mi­graine You can see why its rather im­por­tant to me that I get rid of/​​deal with this.

Now, I’ve tried quite a lot of things over the years, es­pe­cially in the last two or so. NSAIDs do very lit­tle, and thing like mi­graleve (parac­eta­mol with codeine) are a lit­tle bet­ter. Su­ma­trip­tan pro­vides some re­lief, but it doesn’t get rid of the mi­graine. At best it will knock me down to a weak mi­graine. I’ve tried tak­ing propanalol (160mg) for half a year, and it does lit­tle to help. I was pre­scribd Amitiptyline (10mg) a week ago, but it hasn’t had much effect. I was told to in­crease by 10mg it ev­ery two weeks un­til I hit 30mg. I’ve also tried cut­ting things out like choco­lates, and dairy for a month. It didn’t have any effect. I also don’t have any caf­feine. So this elimi­nates some com­mon causes of mi­graines. My mi­graines some­times re­spond to heat/​cold ap­plied to my head, but this is only some of the time, due to my mi­graines shift­ing in na­ture. Fur­ther, it only takes the edge of them. I’ve also tried tak­ing mag­ne­sium sup­ple­ments, but they had a nega­tive effect on me i.e. strange dreams and in­som­nia. That just made my prob­lems worse. Also, I’ve ruled out med­i­ca­tion overuse.

So, does any­one have any recom­men­da­tions? There should be a few peo­ple who have had ex­pe­rience with this level of mi­graines, and I ex­pect they might be able to provide some ad­vice. I’m not too op­ti­mistic, but I re­ally need some­thing that works.