Sharp Left Turn

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A Sharp Left Turn is a scenario where, as an AI trains, its capabilities generalize across many domains while the alignment properties that held at earlier stages fail to generalize to the new domains.

See also: Threat Models, AI Takeoff, AI Risk

A cen­tral AI al­ign­ment prob­lem: ca­pa­bil­ities gen­er­al­iza­tion, and the sharp left turn

So8res15 Jun 2022 13:10 UTC
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Refin­ing the Sharp Left Turn threat model, part 1: claims and mechanisms

12 Aug 2022 15:17 UTC
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We may be able to see sharp left turns coming

3 Sep 2022 2:55 UTC
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Refin­ing the Sharp Left Turn threat model, part 2: ap­ply­ing al­ign­ment techniques

25 Nov 2022 14:36 UTC
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[Question] How is the “sharp left turn defined”?

Chris_Leong9 Dec 2022 0:04 UTC
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Vic­to­ria Krakovna on AGI Ruin, The Sharp Left Turn and Paradigms of AI Alignment

Michaël Trazzi12 Jan 2023 17:09 UTC
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Refram­ing in­ner alignment

davidad11 Dec 2022 13:53 UTC
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Goal Align­ment Is Ro­bust To the Sharp Left Turn

Thane Ruthenis13 Jul 2022 20:23 UTC
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It mat­ters when the first sharp left turn happens

Adam Jermyn29 Sep 2022 20:12 UTC
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Smoke with­out fire is scary

Adam Jermyn4 Oct 2022 21:08 UTC
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Disen­tan­gling in­ner al­ign­ment failures

Erik Jenner10 Oct 2022 18:50 UTC
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A caveat to the Orthog­o­nal­ity Thesis

Wuschel Schulz9 Nov 2022 15:06 UTC
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