Ra­tion­al­ist Taboo

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Rationalist taboo is a technique for fighting muddles in discussions. By prohibiting the use of a certain word and all the words synonymous to it, people are forced to elucidate the specific contextual meaning they want to express, thus removing ambiguity otherwise present in a single word.

Mainstream philosophy has a parallel procedure called “unpacking”. Unpacking has the requirement that the contentious or doubtful term be expanded out—not just replaced with a synonym—and only used as a collection of subcomponent concepts.

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Ta­boo Your Words

Eliezer Yudkowsky15 Feb 2008 22:53 UTC
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The Tech­nique Taboo

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In fa­vor of taboo­ing the word “val­ues” and us­ing only “pri­ori­ties” instead

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Work harder on taboo­ing “Friendly AI”

ChrisHallquist20 May 2012 8:51 UTC
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cousin_it25 Jul 2017 16:27 UTC
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Re­place the Sym­bol with the Substance

Eliezer Yudkowsky16 Feb 2008 18:12 UTC
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Ta­boo “ra­tio­nal­ity,” please.

MBlume15 Mar 2009 22:44 UTC
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De­tached Lever Fallacy

Eliezer Yudkowsky31 Jul 2008 18:57 UTC
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Avoid Con­tentious Terms

jefftk24 Feb 2021 3:10 UTC
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Take 8: Queer the in­ner/​outer al­ign­ment di­chotomy.

Charlie Steiner9 Dec 2022 17:46 UTC
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[Question] Writ­ing tools for taboo­ing?

abramdemski13 Dec 2020 19:50 UTC
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Ex­er­cise: Ta­boo “Should”

johnswentworth22 Jan 2021 21:02 UTC
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A sim­ple ex­er­cise in ra­tio­nal­ity: rephrase an ob­jec­tive state­ment as sub­jec­tive and ex­plore the caveats

shminux18 Apr 2015 23:46 UTC
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Com­plex Signs Bad

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Dreams of AI al­ign­ment: The dan­ger of sug­ges­tive names

TurnTrout10 Feb 2024 1:22 UTC
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Method of state­ments: an al­ter­na­tive to taboo

Q Home16 Nov 2022 10:57 UTC
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Grasp­ing Slip­pery Things

Eliezer Yudkowsky17 Jun 2008 2:04 UTC
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CannibalSmith8 Apr 2009 13:01 UTC
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