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Hey, I’m Evie! I’m eighteen, and I’m studying an undergrad in Physics and Philosophy at the University of Oxford.

At the start of 2022, I left high school early to self-study maths and physics. Before that, I did work experience at the Future of Humanity Institute, interned at Charity Entrepreneurship, and attended a rationality camp. I’m an Atlas Fellowand was awarded the Open Phil Undergrad Scholarship in Nov 2021.

Outside of that, I really enjoy cold water swimming (some of my best memories are swimming in the sea with my mum, near where I grew up), writing blog posts, and conversations with people who are very enthusiastic about a particular subject — whether that be economics, feminism, or Hamilton the musical :P

“Agency” needs nuance

Evie Cottrell25 Sep 2022 7:40 UTC
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Ac­cep­tance and Com­mit­ment Ther­apy (ACT) 101

Evie Cottrell25 Sep 2022 7:25 UTC
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Seven ways to be­come un­stop­pably agentic

Evie Cottrell26 Jun 2022 17:39 UTC
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