AMA: I was unschooled for most of my childhood, then voluntarily chose to leave to go to a large public high school.

I’ve seen a lot of discussion in the LW community about alternatives to traditional school for kids. Given how few kids actually get to experience the alternatives (<4% of kids in the US are homeschooled, <10% of those are unschooled), I think the success and failure modes are less well understood than for traditional schools. I want to offer myself as a datapoint to anyone interested in my subjective experience. Eventually, I want this to be a standalone blog post, but my thoughts still feel pretty disparate, so I’m hoping this will help me find a more cohesive narrative.

About me: I’m now in my mid 20s, went to a “good college” and now have a “good job” in tech (despite a brief gap derping around as an artist...what can I say I was unschooled). I’m not a teacher. I don’t have kids. I do feel that unschooling had a big impact on my life, and I’m hoping this will help me understand it better, and how it can empirically affect others.