[Question] How much to worry about the US election unrest?

Poli­ti­cal ten­sions in the US are high. There have been a lot of mass protests in re­cent months, some of which have turned vi­o­lent (of­ten af­ter po­lice provo­ca­tion). Don­ald Trump and Mike Pence have not to promise to re­spect the elec­tion re­sult if they lose. Many on the left ac­cuse them of plot­ting to steal the elec­tion and/​or pro­mote vi­o­lence against their poli­ti­cal op­po­nents.

Frankly, I don’t con­sider my­self suffi­ciently well-cal­ibrated on poli­tics to know how much of this is bluster and how much is true cause for alarm. How wor­ried should I be about the US plung­ing into dic­ta­tor­ship or wide­spread poli­ti­cal vi­o­lence?

Can peo­ple who un­der­stand this stuff bet­ter than I do please com­ment?