[Question] Plans /​ prepping for possible political violence from upcoming US election?

The US presidential election is now just 2 months away! There’s a (IMO) plausible argument that we might have a disputed election that leads to large-scale political violence; for details see

I don’t think it’s likely, but I do think it’s likely enough to make it worth some contingency planning (for US residents like me).

Like most of us, I’m not in any position to actually do anything about this problem, i.e. to reduce the probability of large-scale political violence from a disputed election. I just want to prudently plan for myself, family, friends, and/​or community to get safely through whatever happens, if anything happens.

I’m curious what (if anything) people here are doing, or plan to do, or would recommend, to prepare for this contingency. Stock up on food /​ water /​ supplies? Take an extended vacation to another country, or to a lower-risk place within the country? (And where would that be?) Move assets into gold /​ bitcoin /​ international index funds /​ whatever? Buy weapons? Or what?

I’m especially interested to hear from people who have experience or knowledge of what large-scale political violence is actually like, from first- or second-hand experience, or from being well-informed about history and world politics (which I am not). And for people in the USA, what are your personal plans? But everyone is very welcome to answer /​ comment /​ discuss!