Consider giving an explanation for your deletion this time around. “Harry Yudkowsky and the Methods of Postrationality: Chapter One: Em Dashes Colons and Ellipses, Littérateurs Go Wild”

My stupid fan­fic chap­ter was banned with­out ex­pla­na­tion so I re­posted it; some­how it was at +7 when it was deleted and I think silently delet­ing up­voted posts is a dis­ser­vice to LessWrong. I re­quested that a jus­tifi­ca­tion be given in the com­ments if it were to be deleted again, so LessWrong read­ers could con­sider whether or not that jus­tifi­ca­tion is al­igned with what they want from LessWrong. Also I would like to make clear that this fan­fic is pri­mar­ily a medium for ex­plain­ing some ideas that peo­ple on LessWrong of­ten ask me about; that it is also a light­hearted cri­tique of Yud­kowskyanism is sec­ondary, and if need be I will change the premise so that the medium doesn’t drown out the mes­sage. But re­ally, I wouldn’t think a light­hearted par­ody of a light­hearted par­ody would cause such offense.

The origi­nal post has been un­banned and can be found here, so I’ve ed­ited this post to just be about the ban­ning.