How often do you check this forum?

I’m in­ter­ested from hear­ing from ev­ery­one who reads this.

Who is check­ing LW’s Dis­cus­sion area and how of­ten?

1. When you check, how much vot­ing or com­ment­ing do you do com­pared to read­ing?

2. Do bother click­ing through to links?

3. Do you check us­ing a desk­top or a smart phone? Do you just visit the web­site in browser or use an RSS some­thing-or-other?

4. Also, do you know of other places that have more schel­ling­ness for the top­ics you think this place is cen­tered on? (Or used to be cen­tered on?) (Or should be cen­tered on?)

I would ask this in the cur­rent open thread ex­cept that struc­turally it seems like it needs to be more promi­nent than that in or­der to do its job.

If you have very very lit­tle time to re­spond or even think about the ques­tions, I’d ap­pre­ci­ate it if you just re­spond with “Ping” rather than click away.