A quick note on weirdness points and Solstices [And also random other Solstice discussion]

Com­mon knowl­edge is im­por­tant. So I wanted to note:

Every year on Sols­tice feed­back forms, I get con­cerns about songs like “The X days of X-Risk” or “When I Die” (fea­tur­ing lines in­clud­ing ‘they may freeze my body when I die’), that they are too weird and in­groupy and offputting to peo­ple who aren’t su­per-nerdy-tran­shu­man­ist­s

But I also get com­ments from peo­ple who know lit­tle about X-risk or cry­on­ics or what­ever who say “these songs are hilar­i­ous and awe­some.” Sun­day Assem­blies who have no con­nec­tion to Less Wrong sing When I Die and it’s a crowd fa­vorite ev­ery year.

And my im­pres­sion is that peo­ple are only re­ally weirded out by these songs on be­half of other peo­ple who are only weirded out by them on be­half of other peo­ple. There might be a cou­ple peo­ple who are gen­uinely offput the ideas but if so it’s not su­per clear to me. I take very se­ri­ously the no­tion of mak­ing Sols­tice in­clu­sive while re­tain­ing it’s “soul”, talk to lots of peo­ple about what they find alienat­ing or weird, and try to cre­ate some­thing that can res­onate with as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble.

So I want it to at least be clear: if you are per­son­ally ac­tu­ally offput by those songs for your own sake, that makes sense and I want to know about it, but if you’re just wor­ried about other peo­ple, I’m pretty con­fi­dent you don’t need to be. The songs are de­signed so you don’t need to take them se­ri­ously if you don’t want to.


Ran­dom note 1: I think the only line that’s raised con­cern from some non-LW-ish peo­ple for When I Die is “I’d pre­fer to never die at all”, and that’s be­cause it’s liter­ally putting words in peo­ple’s mouths which aren’t true for ev­ery­one. I men­tioned that to Glen. We’ll see if he can think of any­thing el­se

Ran­dom note 2: Re­ac­tions to more se­ri­ous songs like “Five Thou­sand Years” seem gen­er­ally pos­i­tive among non-tran­shu­man­ists, al­though some­times slightly con­fused. The new tran­shu­man­ist-ish song this year, End­less Light, has got­ten over­all good re­views.