[Question] Is there something fundamentally wrong with the Universe?

Edit: added a paragraph nearing the end

Usually the question is: “What is wrong with our society?”, but I guess my gripe is that if you look at things with a System-lense, usually what you focus on is what has the most influence.

In other words, if our Planet would veer off course, it isn’t really the fault of the Ants—even when they could have done more! The reason is bigger gravitational forces, or our Sun wanting some more space.

So, why would you blame a human being for something that seems to be governed by laws, forces and powers we A) don’t fundamentally understand, B) can’t fundamentally influence C) can’t fundamentally change ?

I mean, from a human perspective, there are a lot of answers—Psychology, sociology, anthropology, evolutionary disciplines, religion—even transdisciplinary groups and projects. But again, you only answer the question from inside the box. If the box gives a certain output, and has specific constraints, why blame the Outputs for how the box works?

It makes more sense to me to assign fault at the level where the problem lies. If we dislike and abhor something, at which level does it arise?
A lot of expressions we use are filled with assumptions that are focused on our personal actions. Take murder, for example. Killing is bad, I agree, but is it the personal choice of the killer to enable murder, to make possible the possibility of dying? The pain, suffering, dread etc.? It is the Universe’s Laws and principles that are allowing it and actively engaging in it (There are endless ways this Universe can and will kill us), is it not?

That is just one of numerous examples I can think of where I am questioning if by looking closely at an issue, it seems to be the direct consequence of a superintended principle we have 0 direct control over.
I mean, personal responsibility sounds nice, but if you really look at it—does it make any sense? Take genes, for example. They are based on millions of years of biological, and then even cultural evolution. That you have the ‘ability’ to see a different way than eating your fellow friend, and can see more gains in keeping them alive—is it really “Your” achievement? How many choices are really “Yours”, and not the inexplicable results of processes that started millions of years before you were even consciously aware that you had a face and a body separate from the rest of the world?

Because if the problem is the Universe, wouldn’t you have to fix its underlying Laws and principles if you wanted to fundamentally change anything? Because any other change would only be superficial, partial and temporary.

To also add that here, you can of course look at humans as ‘Part’ of the universe, and not separate. Different maybe, but not separate. Which is a relevant vein to delve into, if you have something. As I see it, there doesn’t seem to be a reciprocally positive relationship between the Universe and our individual consciousness—which seems odd. If break-ups have taught me anything, it might seem that the Universe is still bitter we stole that god-damn apple.

On a separate note (Joke joke?)
And so It is that I am still looking for the Universe help-desk. If anyone knows the number, or how to contact them, please let me know. If I’m a beta-tester, I believe I should let them know that some things really, really, really don’t seem to work that well.