[Question] Uncontroversially good legislation

Say you’re fortuitously seated next to a senator, state assembly member, or city supervisor at a wedding. You’ve got to talk about something, so you figure it wouldn’t be rude to mention some legislative issue you’re passionate about.

What would the legislation be?

I’m curious about almost definitely good laws that Republicans, Democrats, and Independents could all get behind. This could be at the local, state, or federal level although it seems as though there might be more obvious reforms in smaller governments. (I searched around for this here and on EA forums and didn’t find any, but would love to know about any similar lists.)

Here’s a few I could think of. These are debatable and surely reflect my own biases and limited knowledge.

  1. Price transparency: Airlines are required by the Full Fare Advertising rule to show the all-in cost whenever they advertise prices. Why not the same for hotels and food delivery, where the price jumps at the last page from taxes and fees? This would better allow businesses to compete on price rather than deception.

  2. Let us buy glasses: We can’t buy glasses or contact lenses if our eye prescription is over 1-2 years old. This means that every 1-2 years, glasses-wearers need to pay $200 to optometrists for the slip of paper (and stinging eyeballs). Seems like it’s probably a racket and the benefit from detecting the odd eye cancer is outweighed by the costs, although see the debate here. (Edit: it’s actually not that hard to get around this, at least for glasses. Thanks Dustin.)

  3. Tax filing in the US should be more automated: This one is well-known (see Planet Money episode) and seems like another case of common sense vs. lobbyists. (Speaking of Planet Money, another candidate is repealing the Jones Act.)

What are some others?