Tech­nolog­i­cal Unemployment

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Technological Unemployment occurs when businesses replace human workers with automated systems, and the displaced workers are unable to find new jobs.

Some­thing Un­fath­omable: Unal­igned Hu­man­ity and how we’re rac­ing against death with death

Yuli_Ban27 Feb 2023 11:37 UTC
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The Robots, AI, and Unem­ploy­ment Anti-FAQ

Eliezer Yudkowsky25 Jul 2013 18:46 UTC
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Full Au­toma­tion is Un­likely and Un­nec­es­sary for Ex­plo­sive Growth

aogara31 May 2023 21:55 UTC
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[Question] How much white col­lar work could be au­to­mated us­ing ex­ist­ing ML mod­els?

AM26 May 2022 8:09 UTC
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The Overem­ployed Via ChatGPT

Zvi18 Apr 2023 13:40 UTC
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Jobs In­side the API

Jacob Falkovich21 Aug 2018 21:45 UTC
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Why Job Dis­place­ment Pre­dic­tions are Wrong: Ex­pla­na­tions of Cog­ni­tive Automation

Moritz Wallawitsch30 May 2023 20:43 UTC
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[Question] What are your thoughts on the fu­ture of AI-as­sisted soft­ware de­vel­op­ment?

RomanHauksson9 Dec 2022 10:04 UTC
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UBI for President

Jacob Falkovich18 Oct 2018 15:09 UTC
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[Question] When will com­puter pro­gram­ming be­come an un­skil­led job (if ever)?

lc16 Mar 2023 17:46 UTC
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Is your job re­place­able by GPT-4? (as of March 2023)

Bezzi23 Mar 2023 22:16 UTC
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The benev­olence of the butcher

dr_s8 Apr 2023 16:29 UTC
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Con­ver­sa­tional Pre­sen­ta­tion of Why Au­toma­tion is Differ­ent This Time

ryan_b17 Jan 2018 22:11 UTC
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Tech­nolog­i­cal un­em­ploy­ment as an­other test for ra­tio­nal­ist winning

RomanHauksson2 May 2023 4:16 UTC
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Value of the Long Tail

johnswentworth26 Feb 2020 17:24 UTC
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Su­per­in­tel­li­gence 17: Mul­tipo­lar scenarios

KatjaGrace6 Jan 2015 6:44 UTC
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