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Research Engineering Intern at the Center for AI Safety. Helping to write the AI Safety Newsletter. Studying CS and Economics at the University of Southern California, and running an AI safety club there. Previously worked at AI Impacts and with Lionel Levine and Collin Burns on calibration for Detecting Latent Knowledge Without Supervision.

AISN #22: The Land­scape of US AI Leg­is­la­tion - Hear­ings, Frame­works, Bills, and Laws

19 Sep 2023 14:44 UTC
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MLSN: #10 Ad­ver­sar­ial At­tacks Against Lan­guage and Vi­sion Models, Im­prov­ing LLM Hon­esty, and Trac­ing the In­fluence of LLM Train­ing Data

13 Sep 2023 18:03 UTC
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AISN #21: Google Deep­Mind’s GPT-4 Com­peti­tor, Mili­tary In­vest­ments in Au­tonomous Drones, The UK AI Safety Sum­mit, and Case Stud­ies in AI Policy

5 Sep 2023 15:03 UTC
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AISN #20: LLM Pro­lifer­a­tion, AI De­cep­tion, and Con­tin­u­ing Drivers of AI Capabilities

29 Aug 2023 15:07 UTC
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Hood­winked: Eval­u­at­ing De­cep­tion Ca­pa­bil­ities in Large Lan­guage Models

aogara25 Aug 2023 19:39 UTC
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AISN #19: US-China Com­pe­ti­tion on AI Chips, Mea­sur­ing Lan­guage Agent Devel­op­ments, Eco­nomic Anal­y­sis of Lan­guage Model Pro­pa­ganda, and White House AI Cy­ber Challenge

15 Aug 2023 16:10 UTC
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AISN #18: Challenges of Re­in­force­ment Learn­ing from Hu­man Feed­back, Microsoft’s Se­cu­rity Breach, and Con­cep­tual Re­search on AI Safety

aogara8 Aug 2023 15:52 UTC
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