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This tag applies to posts focused on news, except at an object level (i.e. newspaper companies and the process behind the news are relevant, but current events aren’t necessarily).

How do you read the news crit­i­cally?

ChristianKl31 Oct 2020 11:48 UTC
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Ex­cerpts from Veyne’s “Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths?”

Rob Bensinger8 Nov 2021 20:23 UTC
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New York Times, Please Do Not Threaten The Safety of Scott Alexan­der By Re­veal­ing His True Name

Zvi23 Jun 2020 12:20 UTC
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The Sense-Mak­ing Web

Chris_Leong4 Jan 2021 6:17 UTC
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[Link] Still Alive—As­tral Codex Ten

jimrandomh21 Jan 2021 23:20 UTC
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Avoid News, Part 2: What the Stock Mar­ket Taught Me about News

PeterMcCluskey14 Jun 2021 20:54 UTC
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Re­quest for com­ment on a novel refer­ence work of understanding

ender12 Aug 2021 0:06 UTC
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On Bounded Distrust

Zvi3 Feb 2022 14:50 UTC
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Wired Magaz­ine prints mis­in­for­ma­tion about AI safety

Trevor11 Dec 2022 3:39 UTC
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