Ex­trater­res­trial Life

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Extraterrestrial Life

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My cur­rent thoughts on the risks from SETI

Matthew Barnett15 Mar 2022 17:18 UTC
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On alien science

Richard_Ngo2 Jun 2019 14:50 UTC
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The Aliens have Landed!

TimFreeman19 May 2011 17:09 UTC
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Grabby aliens and Zoo hy­poth­e­sis

avturchin4 Mar 2021 13:03 UTC
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An­nihilat­ing aliens & Rare Earth sug­gest early filter

rk21 Sep 2018 15:33 UTC
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Risks of down­load­ing alien AI via SETI search

turchin15 Mar 2013 10:25 UTC
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Does NASA Take Alien Life Se­ri­ously?

ejacob18 May 2021 21:36 UTC
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Si­mon Con­way Mor­ris: “Aliens are likely to look and be­have like us”.

Roko25 Jan 2010 14:16 UTC
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For fic­tion: How could alien minds differ from hu­man minds?

Solvent21 Aug 2011 10:37 UTC
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Weird ques­tion: could we see dis­tant aliens?

paulfchristiano20 Apr 2018 6:40 UTC
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The map of the risks of aliens

turchin22 Aug 2016 19:05 UTC
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[Question] Ex­am­ples of Acausal Trade with an Alien Uni­verse?

MikkW1 Apr 2021 18:10 UTC
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An­throp­ics and Fermi: grabby, visi­ble, zoo-keep­ing, and early aliens

Stuart_Armstrong8 Jul 2021 15:07 UTC
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[Paper] The Global Catas­trophic Risks of the Pos­si­bil­ity of Find­ing Alien AI Dur­ing SETI

avturchin28 Aug 2018 21:32 UTC
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[link] On the abun­dance of ex­trater­res­trial life af­ter the Ke­pler mission

Gunnar_Zarncke5 Dec 2014 21:02 UTC
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[Book Re­view] “The Vi­tal Ques­tion” by Nick Lane

lsusr27 Sep 2021 22:50 UTC
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Alien neu­rop­unk slaver civilizations

D_Malik15 Jun 2015 6:30 UTC
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Jeff Shain­line thinks that there is too much serendipity in the physics of op­ti­cal/​su­per­con­duct­ing com­put­ing, sug­gest­ing that they were part of the crite­ria of Cos­molog­i­cal Nat­u­ral Selec­tion, which could have some fairly love­craf­tian implications

mako yass1 Apr 2022 7:09 UTC
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Will Ar­tifi­cial Su­per­in­tel­li­gence Kill Us?

James_Miller23 May 2023 16:27 UTC
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The Hu­man Phase Hy­poth­e­sis (Why We Might Be Alone)

ifalpha31 May 2023 23:17 UTC
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A physi­cist’s ap­proach to Ori­gins of Life

pchvykov28 Jun 2022 15:23 UTC
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Alien Axiology

snerx20 Apr 2023 0:27 UTC
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Great-Filter Hard-Step Math, Ex­plained Intuitively

Daniel_Eth1 Nov 2021 23:45 UTC
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