AI Ser­vices (CAIS)

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An AI service as used in the context of Eric Drexler’s technical report Reframing Superintelligence: Comprehensive AI Services as General Intelligence (CAIS), is an AI system that delivers bounded results for some task using bounded resources in bounded time. It is contrasted with agentive AGI, which carries out open-ended goals over an unbounded period of time.

A gradual accumulation of increasingly competent services is one model of how AI might develop. For a summary, see this post.

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Del­e­gated agents in prac­tice: How com­pa­nies might end up sel­l­ing AI ser­vices that act on be­half of con­sumers and coal­i­tions, and what this im­plies for safety research

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They gave LLMs ac­cess to physics simulators

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