LW Update 2018-07-01 – Default Weak Upvotes

Git Commit: 6a0c7bf54a29f2909ab50fc76da3b43854d0e112

We deployed recently, mostly with under-the-hood bugfixes and refactors that are aimed at making it easier to fork the LW codebase and restyle it.

Two concrete user-facing changes are:

  • Comments are now small-upvote by default. Posts are still large-upvote by default. (Later, we intend to add some limitations to strong-upvoting – mostly likely reducing its power the more you use it. So people will be free to strong-upvote their own comments if they think it’s important, and rather than being seen as “tooting your own horn too loudly”, the intent will be that you have a limited power to strong upvote, and you are encouraged to use it on whatever you think is most important, whether it’s your own content or someone else’s)

  • We added a “hide low karma posts” checkbox to the daily page. We’ll improve this over time (making it clearer what it does and maybe giving users more control over it), but for now just wanted obvious spam and nonsense to not take up people’s attention. (the toggle removes posts with −10 or less karma)