[Question] How common is it for one entity to have a 3+ year technological lead on its nearest competitor?

I’m writ­ing a fol­low-up to my blog post on soft take­off and DSA, and I am look­ing for good ex­am­ples of tech com­pa­nies or aca­demic re­search pro­jects that are ~3+ years ahead of their near­est com­peti­tors in the tech­nol­ogy(ies) they are fo­cus­ing on.

Ex­cep­tion: I’m not that in­ter­ested in pro­jects that are pur­su­ing some niche tech­nol­ogy, such that no one else wants to com­pete with them. Also: I’m es­pe­cially in­ter­ested in ex­am­ples that are analo­gous to AGI in some way, e.g. be­cause they deal with pre­sent-day AI or be­cause they have a feed­back loop effect.

Even bet­ter would be some­one with ex­per­tise on the area be­ing able to an­swer the ti­tle ques­tion di­rectly. Best of all would be some solid statis­tics on the mat­ter. Thanks in ad­vance!