Less Wrong Parents

Less Wrong Parents

Recently the NYC LW/​OB community had two babies and is expecting a third.
I created a google group as a way of sharing information, primarily thinking of the NYC community.

I posted my pre-baby purchase list and William Eden posted an extensive list of books on early parenting.

William suggested opening up the group so as to get insight from the larger LW community on parenting.
I think this is *probably* a good idea. Google groups are simple to set up but have limits.
For this reason I request that if you are going to have an extensive debate on a subject you create a new thread (aka: get a room)

The primary objective is to lower the cost of obtaining information on parenting.
I believe this overall goal to be more important then any particular “truth”.

My hope is that this will primarily serve as a place for people to ask parenting question and post guides.
Perhaps if enough guides are posted they can eventually be consolidated into a wiki.