Crazy Ideas Thread—October 2015

This thread is in­tended to provide a space for ‘crazy’ ideas. Ideas that spon­ta­neously come to mind (and feel great), ideas you long wanted to tell but never found the place and time for and also for ideas you think should be ob­vi­ous and sim­ple—but no­body ever men­tions them.

Rules for this thread:

  1. Each crazy idea goes into its own top level com­ment and may be com­mented there.

  2. Vot­ing should be based pri­mar­ily on how origi­nal the idea is.

  3. Meta dis­cus­sion of the thread should go to the top level com­ment in­tended for that pur­pose.

If you cre­ate such a thread do the fol­low­ing :

  • Use “Crazy Ideas Thread” in the ti­tle.

  • Copy the rules.

  • Add the tag “crazy_idea”.

  • Create a top-level com­ment say­ing ‘Dis­cus­sion of this thread goes here; all other top-level com­ments should be ideas or similar’

  • Add a sec­ond top-level com­ment with an ini­tial crazy idea to start par­ti­ci­pa­tion.