Eight political demands that I hope we can agree on

Scott Alexander wrote in Book Review: History of the Fabian Society about how the Fabian society had eight political thesis that they agreed on.

I want to propose eight points that I think we can agree as a rationality movement about:

1. We want public policy that’s backed up by empiric evidence. We want a government that runs controlled trials to find out what policies work.

2. We want that government bureaucrats who make predictions about the future makes them in a way where the accuracy of their predictions gets measured.

3. We want a policy that funds AI safety research and that’s a bit cautious about AI.

4. We want government money to go into anti-aging research of the kind that SENS does.

5. We want less bureaucracy around running scientific studies so that nightmares don’t have to happen

6. We want the right not to have to endure what amounts to torture at end of our lives

7. We want to end the War on Drugs

8. We want that the FDA switching from using p-values to using better statistical models

Do you think one of those points isn’t consensus in our community? Do you think there are other political demands where we have consensus?

(Please avoid talking about political issues where you don’t think there’s consensus in our community in this thread)