What bothers you about Less Wrong?

Or, what do you want to see more or less of from Less Wrong?

I’m think­ing about com­mu­nity norms, con­tent and top­ics dis­cussed, karma vot­ing pat­terns, et cetera. There are already posts and com­ment sec­tions filled with long lists of pro­posed tech­ni­cal soft­ware changes/​ad­di­tions, let’s not make this post an­other one.

My im­pres­sion is that peo­ple some­times make dis­cus­sion posts about things that bother them, and some­times a bunch of peo­ple will agree and some­times a bunch of peo­ple will dis­agree, but most peo­ple don’t care that much (or they have a life or some­thing) and thus don’t want to ded­i­cate a post just to com­plain­ing. This post is meant to make it so­cially and cog­ni­tively easy to offer cri­tique.

I humbly re­quest that you list down­sides of ex­ist­ing poli­cies even when you think the up­sides out­weigh them, for all the ob­vi­ous rea­sons. I also humbly re­quest that you list a cri­tique/​gripe even if you don’t want to bother ex­plain­ing why you have that cri­tique/​gripe, and even in cases where you think your gripe is, ahem, “ir­ra­tional”. In gen­eral, I think it’d be re­ally cool if we erred on the side of list­ing things which might be prob­lems even if there’s no ob­vi­ous solu­tion or no real cause for com­plaint ex­cept for per­sonal dis­taste for the color green (for ex­am­ple).

I ar­ro­gantly re­quest that we try to avoid im­pul­sive down­vot­ing and non-nice­ness for the du­ra­tion of this post (and oth­ers like it). If some­one wants to com­plain that Less Wrong is a lit­tle cultish with­out ex­plain­ing why then down­vot­ing them to oblivion, while ad­mit­tedly kind of funny, is prob­a­bly a bad idea. :)