Has LessWrong Ever Backfired On You?

Sev­eral weeks ago I wrote a heav­ily up­voted post called Don’t Be Afraid of Ask­ing Per­son­ally Im­por­tant Ques­tions on LessWrong. I thought it would only be due dili­gence if I tried to track users on LessWrong who have re­ceived ad­vice on this site and it’s back­fired. In other words, to avoid bias in the record, we might no­tice what LessWrong as a com­mu­nity is bad at giv­ing ad­vice about. So, I’m seek­ing feed­back. If you have anec­dotes or data of how a plan or ad­vice di­rectly from LessWrong back­fired, failed, or didn’t lead to satis­fac­tion, please share be­low.