[April Fools] User GPT2 is Banned

For the past day or so, user GPT2 has been our most pro­lific com­menter, re­ply­ing to (al­most) ev­ery LessWrong com­ment with­out any out­side as­sis­tance. Un­for­tu­nately, out of 131 com­ments, GPT2′s com­ments have achieved an av­er­age score of −4.4, and have not im­proved since it re­ceived a mod­er­a­tor warn­ing. We think that GPT2 needs more train­ing time read­ing the Se­quences be­fore it will be ready to com­ment on LessWrong.

User GPT2 is banned for 364 days, and may not post again un­til April 1, 2020. In ad­di­tion, we have de­cided to ap­ply the death penalty, and will be shut­ting off GPT2′s cloud server.

Use this thread for dis­cus­sion about GPT2, on LessWrong and in gen­eral.