Questions to ask theist philosophers? I will soon be speaking with several

I am about to grad­u­ate from one of the only uni­ver­si­ties in the world that has a high con­cen­tra­tion of high-cal­iber an­a­lytic philoso­phers who are the­ists. (Speci­fi­cally, the Univer­sity of Notre Dame, IN) So as not to miss this once-in-a-life­time op­por­tu­nity, I have sent out emails ask­ing many of them if they would like to meet and dis­cuss their the­ism with me. Sev­eral of them have re­sponded already in the af­fir­ma­tive; fingers crossed for the rest. I’m re­ally look­ing for­ward to this be­cause these peo­ple are re­ally smart, and have spent a lot of time think­ing about this, so I ex­pect them to have in­ter­est­ing and in­sight­ful things to say.

Do you have sug­ges­tions for ques­tions I could ask them? My main ques­tion will of course be “Why do you be­lieve in God?” and var­i­ants thereof, but it would be nice if I could say e.g. “How do you avoid the prob­lem of X which is a ma­jor ar­gu­ment against the­ism?”

Ques­tions I’ve already thought of:

1-Why do you be­lieve in God?

2-What are the main ar­gu­ments in fa­vor of the­ism, in your opinion?

3-What about the prob­lem of evil? What about ob­jec­tive moral­ity: how do you make sense of it, and if you don’t, then how do you jus­tify God?

4-What about di­v­ine hid­den­ness? Why doesn’t God make him­self more eas­ily known to us? For ex­am­ple, he could reg­u­larly send an­gels to de­liver philo­soph­i­cal proofs on stone tablets to doubters.

5-How do you ex­plain God’s nec­es­sary ex­is­tence? What about the “prob­lem of many Gods,” i.e. why can’t peo­ple say the same thing about a slightly differ­ent ver­sion of God?

6-In what sense is God the fun­da­men­tal en­tity, the un­caused cause, etc.? How do you square this with God’s seem­ing com­plex­ity? (he is in­tel­li­gent, af­ter all) If minds are in fact sim­ple, then how is that sup­posed to work?

I wel­come more ar­tic­u­late re­for­mu­la­tions of the above, as well as com­pletely new ideas.