Half-baked AI Safety ideas thread

[Cross-posted from the EA Forum. The EA Forum version of this post is for both half-baked EA ideas and half-baked AI Safety ideas, whereas this version of the post is for half-baked AI Safety ideas specifically.]

I keep having ideas related to AI safety, but I keep not having enough time available to really think through those ideas, let alone try to implement them. Practically, the alternatives for me are to either post something half-baked, or to not post at all. I don’t want to spam the group with half-thought-through posts, but I also want to post these ideas, even in their current state, in case some of them do have merit and the post inspires someone to take up those ideas.

Originally I was going to start writing up some of these ideas in my Shortform, but I figured that if I have this dilemma then likely other people do as well. So to encourage others to at least post their half-baked ideas somewhere, I am putting up this post as a place where other people can post their own ideas without worrying about making sure they formulate those ideas to the point where they’d merit their own post.

If you have several ideas, please post them in separate comments so that people can consider each of them individually. Unless of course they’re closely related to each other, in which case it might be best to post them together—use your best judgment.

[This post was also inspired by a suggestion from Zvi to create something similar to my AGI Safety FAQ /​ all-dumb-questions-allowed thread, but for ideas /​ potentially dumb solutions rather than questions.]