140 Cognitive Biases You Should Know

I’m excited to announce my list of ∼140 cognitive biases.

Become aware of your biases. Make better decisions. I adapted most biases from Wikipedia’s list of cognitive biases. Download my biases as Anki flashcards here.

My favourite biases

Backfire Effect
You reject evidence opposing your opinion, and you strengthen your original opinion.

Curse of Knowledge
You assume that the listener has the background knowledge to understand you.

Dilution Effect
You under-utilise useful information when useless information is present.

False Consensus Effect
You see your actions as more common than they are.

Google Effect
You forget information that you can find online.

Illusion of Transparency
You overestimate how much others are aware of your mental state.

Overjustification Effect
You have less intrinsic motivation to act if you are externally rewarded for it.

Self-Reference Effect
You remember information better if you are related to it.

Zeigarnik Effect
You remember unfinished tasks better than finished tasks.

What you can do

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  • Suggest a new bias in the comments.

  • Please give me feedback in the comments or directly in the Google Doc.