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What do AI risks, pandemics, and animal welfare have in common? They’re all in my quizzes! Test your knowledge on global health, animal welfare, and existential risks at Quizmanity. Who knew saving the world could be as simple as acing a quiz?

OpenAI in­tro­duces func­tion call­ing for GPT-4

20 Jun 2023 1:58 UTC
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Ar­ti­cle Sum­mary: Cur­rent and Near-Term AI as a Po­ten­tial Ex­is­ten­tial Risk Factor

André Ferretti7 Jun 2023 13:51 UTC
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Nav­i­gat­ing the Open-Source AI Land­scape: Data, Fund­ing, and Safety

13 Apr 2023 15:29 UTC
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140 Cog­ni­tive Bi­ases You Should Know

André Ferretti9 Apr 2022 17:15 UTC
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