So8res(Nate Soares)

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A mind needn’t be cu­ri­ous to reap the benefits of curiosity

So8res2 Jun 2023 18:00 UTC
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Cos­mopoli­tan val­ues don’t come free

So8res31 May 2023 15:58 UTC
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Sen­tience matters

So8res29 May 2023 21:25 UTC
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Re­quest: stop ad­vanc­ing AI capabilities

So8res26 May 2023 17:42 UTC
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Would we even want AI to solve all our prob­lems?

So8res21 Apr 2023 18:04 UTC
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How could you pos­si­bly choose what an AI wants?

So8res19 Apr 2023 17:08 UTC
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But why would the AI kill us?

So8res17 Apr 2023 18:42 UTC
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Mis­gen­er­al­iza­tion as a misnomer

So8res6 Apr 2023 20:43 UTC
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If in­ter­pretabil­ity re­search goes well, it may get dangerous

So8res3 Apr 2023 21:48 UTC
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Hooray for step­ping out of the limelight

So8res1 Apr 2023 2:45 UTC
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A rough and in­com­plete re­view of some of John Went­worth’s research

So8res28 Mar 2023 18:52 UTC
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A stylized di­alogue on John Went­worth’s claims about mar­kets and optimization

So8res25 Mar 2023 22:32 UTC
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Truth and Ad­van­tage: Re­sponse to a draft of “AI safety seems hard to mea­sure”

So8res22 Mar 2023 3:36 UTC
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Deep Deceptiveness

So8res21 Mar 2023 2:51 UTC
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Com­ments on OpenAI’s “Plan­ning for AGI and be­yond”

So8res3 Mar 2023 23:01 UTC
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Ene­mies vs Malefactors

So8res28 Feb 2023 23:38 UTC
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AI al­ign­ment re­searchers don’t (seem to) stack

So8res21 Feb 2023 0:48 UTC
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Hash­ing out long-stand­ing dis­agree­ments seems low-value to me

So8res16 Feb 2023 6:20 UTC
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Fo­cus on the places where you feel shocked ev­ery­one’s drop­ping the ball

So8res2 Feb 2023 0:27 UTC
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What I mean by “al­ign­ment is in large part about mak­ing cog­ni­tion aimable at all”

So8res30 Jan 2023 15:22 UTC
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