Space Ex­plo­ra­tion & Colonization

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Space Exploration & Colonization involves humans or human-built machines traveling to other planets, star systems, or galaxies.

Possible motivations include curiosity, reducing the chance of existential risks, and expanding human civilization.

Possible techniques include both present or near-future technology and speculative future technology.

For the question of why alien civilizations haven’t space-colonized us, see Great Filter.

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[Question] Space coloniza­tion: what can we definitely do and how do we know that?

Ruby6 May 2019 23:05 UTC
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“Far Co­or­di­na­tion”

DragonGod23 Nov 2022 17:14 UTC
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[LINK] Wait­butwhy ar­ti­cle on the his­tory and fu­ture of space ex­plo­ra­tion, SpaceX and more

LizzardWizzard8 Sep 2015 11:14 UTC
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To re­duce as­tro­nom­i­cal waste: take your time, then go very fast

Stuart_Armstrong13 Jul 2013 16:41 UTC
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A Quick Tax­on­omy of Ar­gu­ments for The­o­ret­i­cal Eng­ineer­ing Capabilities

Ruby21 May 2019 22:38 UTC
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All Pos­si­ble Views About Hu­man­ity’s Fu­ture Are Wild

HoldenKarnofsky3 Sep 2021 20:19 UTC
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Grabby Aliens could be Good, could be Bad

mako yass7 Mar 2022 1:24 UTC
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[Question] Steer the Sun?

Shay4 May 2022 3:36 UTC
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Beyond a bet­ter world

Davidmanheim14 Dec 2022 10:18 UTC
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The En­ergy Re­quire­ments and Fea­si­bil­ity of Off-World Mining

clans30 Jan 2023 15:07 UTC
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Astron­omy, space ex­plo­ra­tion and the Great Filter

JoshuaZ19 Apr 2015 19:26 UTC
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Link: White House wants your ad­vice on space exploration

polymathwannabe18 Oct 2014 14:32 UTC
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Poli­ti­ci­ans stymie hu­man coloniza­tion of space to save make-work jobs

Roko18 Jul 2010 12:57 UTC
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Stan­ford talk: easy step to uni­ver­sal colonisation

Stuart_Armstrong22 Mar 2013 4:35 UTC
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So­lar sys­tem colon­i­sa­tion might not be driven by economics

Stuart_Armstrong21 Apr 2020 17:10 UTC
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Coloniza­tion mod­els: a pro­gram­ming tu­to­rial (Part 1/​2)

snarles16 May 2011 23:33 UTC
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Coloniza­tion mod­els: a tu­to­rial on com­pu­ta­tional Bayesian in­fer­ence (part 2/​2)

snarles17 May 2011 3:54 UTC
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[Question] Why is it valuable to know whether space coloniza­tion is fea­si­ble?

Ruby7 May 2019 19:58 UTC
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Pur­pose­ful­ness on Mars

JamesAndrix8 Aug 2010 9:23 UTC
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[Question] Is a near-term, self-sus­tain­ing Mars colony im­pos­si­ble?

ESRogs3 Jun 2020 22:43 UTC
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Musk, Mars and x-risk

Kawoomba23 Nov 2012 20:32 UTC
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[Question] Is it definitely the case that we can colonize Mars if we re­ally wanted to? Is it rea­son­able to be­lieve that this is tech­ni­cally fea­si­ble for a rea­son­ably ad­vanced civ­i­liza­tion?

Ruby7 May 2019 20:08 UTC
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[Link] Space Sta­sis: What the strange per­sis­tence of rock­ets can teach us about innovation

Kaj_Sotala3 Feb 2011 18:36 UTC
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Neil Arm­strong died be­fore we could defeat death

kilobug25 Aug 2012 19:49 UTC
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[Fic­tion] IO.SYS

DataPacRat10 Mar 2019 21:23 UTC
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Quan­tify­ing an­thropic effects on the Fermi paradox

Lanrian15 Feb 2019 10:51 UTC
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Luna First, But Not To Live There

NathanielMRouth8 Sep 2020 3:14 UTC
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[Question] If Star­ship works, how much would it cost to cre­ate a sys­tem of rotable space mir­rors that re­duces tem­per­a­tures on earth by 1° C?

ChristianKl14 Sep 2020 18:46 UTC
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De­cel­er­at­ing: laser vs gun vs rocket

Stuart_Armstrong18 Feb 2019 23:21 UTC
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So You Want to Colonize The Universe

Diffractor27 Feb 2019 10:17 UTC
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So You Want To Colonize The Uni­verse Part 3: Dust

Diffractor27 Feb 2019 10:20 UTC
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So You Want to Colonize the Uni­verse Part 2: Deep Time Engineering

Diffractor27 Feb 2019 10:18 UTC
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So You Want to Colonize The Uni­verse Part 4: Ve­loc­ity Changes and Energy

Diffractor27 Feb 2019 10:22 UTC
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So You Want to Colonize The Uni­verse Part 5: The Ac­tual Design

Diffractor27 Feb 2019 10:23 UTC
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SpaceX will have mas­sive im­pact in the next decade

ChristianKl31 Dec 2020 1:04 UTC
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How would you gov­ern Mars?

Bernhard31 Dec 2020 2:32 UTC
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[Question] Which parts of the pa­per Eter­nity in Six Hours are iffy?

Ruby6 May 2019 23:59 UTC
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Claims & As­sump­tions made in Eter­nity in Six Hours

Ruby8 May 2019 23:11 UTC
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Prepar­ing to land on Jezero Crater, Mars: Notes from NASEM livestream

Yitz17 Feb 2021 19:35 UTC
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Will Mar­tian G be enough to make healthy baseline ba­bies?

Randomized, Controlled9 Mar 2021 3:30 UTC
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The Price Of Space Is Friendship

sxae24 Mar 2021 11:27 UTC
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On Falsify­ing the Si­mu­la­tion Hy­poth­e­sis (or Em­brac­ing its Pre­dic­tions)

lorepieri12 Apr 2021 0:12 UTC
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The Anti-Carter Basilisk

Jon Gilbert26 May 2021 22:56 UTC
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[Book Re­view] “Suffer­ing-fo­cused Ethics” by Mag­nus Vinding

KStub28 Dec 2021 5:58 UTC
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Ge­or­gism in Space

harsimony28 Sep 2022 16:05 UTC
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How Do We Pro­tect AI From Hu­mans?

Alex Beyman22 Jan 2023 3:59 UTC
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