Neil Armstrong died before we could defeat death

The sad news broke tonight : Neil Arm­strong, the first hu­man to ever walk an­other world, died to­day. We lost him for­ever. He died be­fore we could defeat death.

Once again the hor­ror of death strikes. This time, in ad­di­tion from wiping from us for­ever a hero of hu­man­ity, he wiped from us for­ever a mem­ory that will never ex­ist again. Never again will a hu­man be­ing be able to ex­pe­rience be­ing the first to walk an­other world. That beau­tiful ex­pe­rience is lost for­ever too, along with all the mem­o­ries, dreams, de­sires and wishes that made Neil Arm­strong.

But thanks to him, hu­man­ity made a gi­ant leap. We’ll fill the stars and con­quer death. The spark of in­tel­li­gence and sen­tience will not ex­tin­guish. That’s the best we can do to hon­our him.

Source : http://​​​​ar­ti­cle/​​2012/​​08/​​25/​​us-usa-neilarm­strong-idUSBRE87O0B020120825