Liter­a­ture Reviews

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A literature review, a literature survey, a state of the art is an extended write-up collecting, and often comparing and commenting on a set of publications addressing a specific topic/​question.

Their main purpose is not to present original research, nor serve as teaching material, but to provide a gateway to the latest and/​or most valuable research on a particular topic. This can serve to jumpstart a bibliography, as a first chapter of a dissertation, or to guide newcomers to a field where textbooks aren’t available, or too broad or too dated.

Note the three terms are not synonymous but gather well under the same tag.

See also: Book Reviews, Epistemic Review.

Liter­a­ture Re­view on Goal-Directedness

18 Jan 2021 11:15 UTC
76 points
21 comments31 min readLW link

Can a Ve­gan Diet Be Healthy? A Liter­a­ture Review

Erich_Grunewald12 Mar 2021 12:47 UTC
26 points
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Shal­low re­view of live agen­das in al­ign­ment & safety

27 Nov 2023 11:10 UTC
288 points
69 comments29 min readLW link

Liter­a­ture re­view of TAI timelines

27 Jan 2023 20:07 UTC
34 points
7 comments2 min readLW link

Liter­a­ture Re­view For Aca­demic Out­siders: What, How, and Why

namespace9 May 2020 22:58 UTC
191 points
6 comments15 min readLW link

2021 AI Align­ment Liter­a­ture Re­view and Char­ity Comparison

Larks23 Dec 2021 14:06 UTC
165 points
28 comments73 min readLW link

2020 AI Align­ment Liter­a­ture Re­view and Char­ity Comparison

Larks21 Dec 2020 15:27 UTC
137 points
14 comments68 min readLW link

Neu­ral un­cer­tainty es­ti­ma­tion re­view ar­ti­cle (for al­ign­ment)

Charlie Steiner5 Dec 2023 8:01 UTC
69 points
1 comment11 min readLW link

2018 AI Align­ment Liter­a­ture Re­view and Char­ity Comparison

Larks18 Dec 2018 4:46 UTC
190 points
26 comments62 min readLW link1 review

2019 AI Align­ment Liter­a­ture Re­view and Char­ity Comparison

Larks19 Dec 2019 3:00 UTC
130 points
18 comments62 min readLW link

How To Get Startup Ideas: A Brief Lit Re­view and Analysis

Adam Zerner30 Mar 2023 20:33 UTC
21 points
10 comments43 min readLW link

Liter­a­ture-re­view on cog­ni­tive effects of modafinil (my bach­e­lor the­sis)

David Althaus8 Jan 2014 19:23 UTC
53 points
42 comments3 min readLW link

AGI Safety Liter­a­ture Re­view (Ever­itt, Lea & Hut­ter 2018)

Kaj_Sotala4 May 2018 8:56 UTC
14 points
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Some re­cent sur­vey pa­pers on (mostly near-term) AI safety, se­cu­rity, and assurance

Aryeh Englander13 Jan 2021 21:50 UTC
13 points
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[Question] What are good al­ign­ment con­fer­ence pa­pers?

adamShimi28 Aug 2021 13:35 UTC
12 points
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[Link] Child­care : what the sci­ence says

Gunnar_Zarncke24 Jun 2022 21:45 UTC
46 points
4 comments1 min readLW link

Scal­ing Laws Liter­a­ture Review

Pablo Villalobos27 Jan 2023 19:57 UTC
36 points
1 comment4 min readLW link

Know of any ran­domised tri­als teach­ing de­bi­as­ing in schools? Want to help re­view them, or would that re­view help your work?

MNoetel20 Mar 2022 4:52 UTC
29 points
2 comments4 min readLW link

Elicit: Lan­guage Models as Re­search Assistants

9 Apr 2022 14:56 UTC
71 points
6 comments13 min readLW link

Liter­a­ture Re­view: Distributed Teams

Elizabeth16 Apr 2019 1:19 UTC
106 points
37 comments6 min readLW link1 review

Paper di­ges­tion: “May We Have Your At­ten­tion Please? Hu­man-Rights NGOs and the Prob­lem of Global Com­mu­ni­ca­tion”

Klara Helene Nielsen20 Jul 2023 17:08 UTC
4 points
1 comment2 min readLW link

A Study of AI Science Models

13 May 2023 23:25 UTC
20 points
0 comments24 min readLW link

Ap­pen­dices to the live agendas

27 Nov 2023 11:10 UTC
15 points
4 comments1 min readLW link

Sun­screen: much more than you wanted to know

Pierre Vandenberghe28 Sep 2021 10:42 UTC
29 points
10 comments6 min readLW link

Some Sum­maries of Agent Foun­da­tions Work

mattmacdermott15 May 2023 16:09 UTC
56 points
1 comment13 min readLW link

AISC pro­ject: How promis­ing is au­tomat­ing al­ign­ment re­search? (liter­a­ture re­view)

Bogdan Ionut Cirstea28 Nov 2023 14:47 UTC
4 points
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How Bad Is QWERTY, Really? A Re­view of the Liter­a­ture, such as It Is

Erich_Grunewald15 Jan 2022 12:07 UTC
61 points
11 comments15 min readLW link
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