Iver­mectin (drug)

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Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug that’s been investigated as a treatment for Covid-19.

Scott Alexan­der’s “Iver­mectin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know”

Raemon5 Dec 2021 5:43 UTC
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[Question] Should I ad­vo­cate for peo­ple to not buy Iver­mectin as a treat­ment for COVID-19 in the Philip­pines for now?

BrianTan31 Mar 2021 13:59 UTC
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Covid vac­cine safety: how cor­rect are these alle­ga­tions?

DPiepgrass13 Jun 2021 3:08 UTC
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Peter’s COVID Con­soli­dated Brief − 29 Apr

Peter Wildeford29 Apr 2020 15:27 UTC
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[Question] How do the iver­mectin meta-re­views come to so differ­ent con­clu­sions?

ChristianKl29 Jun 2021 22:34 UTC
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Iver­mectin: Much Less Than You Needed To Know

George3d63 Oct 2022 15:02 UTC
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Use Tools For What They’re For

DirectedEvolution23 Nov 2021 8:26 UTC
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[Question] How would you run the statis­tics on whether Iver­mectin helped In­dia re­duce COVID-19 cases?

ChristianKl3 Jul 2021 16:09 UTC
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A rea­son­able de­bate about Ivermectin

CraigMichael27 Jul 2021 22:31 UTC
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