Morality open thread

I figure moral­ity as a topic is pop­u­lar enough and im­por­tant enough and re­lated-to-ra­tio­nal­ity enough to de­serve its own thread.

Ques­tions, com­ments, rants, links, what­ever are all wel­come. If you’re like me you’ve prob­a­bly been aching to share your ten para­graph take on meta-ethics or what­ever for about three un­countable eons now. Here’s your chance.

I recom­mend read­ing Wikipe­dia’s ar­ti­cle on meta-ethics be­fore jump­ing into the fray, if only to get fa­mil­iar with the stan­dard ter­minol­ogy. The stan­dard ter­minol­ogy is of­ten abused. This makes some peo­ple sad. Please don’t make those peo­ple sad.