[Question] How to become more articulate?

“Being articulate” is a skill I feel like I do not have, and I would like to practice this skill. Here are some concrete aspects of “being articulate”:

  • Speaking clearly

    • Not using filler words “um”, “uh”, “like”, “I guess”, “So”, …

    • Not starting a sentence, getting lost halfway through, and having to restart that sentence

    • Using more professional vocab

    • “Sound bite”-ability: subsets of my speech make sense on their own

      • e.g. not “Um, so this is why that aspect is super crucial.”

  • Asking clear questions

    • Often I feel like the question I want to ask is, “You know a lot about X, and I don’t. Please talk about X for the next 2 minutes so I can absorb your knowledge.” Unfortunately this is usually not socially acceptable. How to ask questions like these?

What concrete actions can I take to become more articulate?